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Fixed vs Removable

General, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in Boca Raton, FL

There are two types of implant retained prosthesis:

1. Removable Overdentures:
Removable Overdentures are traditional dentures that are anchored in the mouth by fitting directly over implants. Because they fit over the implants we call them overdentures. These dentures are removable and have to be taken out after meals and at night for cleaning. You treat these dentures like regular dentures.

2. Non-Removable or Fixed Prosthesis:
A non-removable or fixed bridge is the strongest and usually the preferred option. These teeth can only be taken out by the dentist. These teeth stay in the mouth all the time and they look very natural. You treat them like natural teeth. These types of implant-retained teeth are anchored by five or more dental implants per jaw. The Non-Removable Fixed Bridges are for both upper and lower arches and are classified as permanent restorations. Non-Removable or Fixed Bridges are also known as Fixed Detachables since the dentist can remove them.